1.How does this work?

Using our platform for your appliance company, you are able to find and schedule lead appointments in your area.

2.Why should I choose a company listed here to do the job.

Any company that is listed on YourDailyJobs.com is more than experienced in all appliance brands and models they have to offer. Our technicians on our platform are required to offer a true estimate and fair prices to any interested buyer for their services. If you ever have a problem on our platform, our 24/7 support will be there to assist you in any case. If you are not satisfied with your service call, we will work things out for you so you won’t have to waste your time. If any company on our platform receives too many bad ratings or complaint, we will remove them from our service calls list and platform completely.

3.Do the companies offer warranty?

All companies listed on to YourDailyJobs have to have and offer parts and all labor warranty with all service calls and repairs that they receive.

4.How much is the house call/ service call?

Any company listed on our platform differentiates in prices, don’t hesitate to contact them directly to get their pricing information at any time.